What you learn… Madelines Cake, Rosette Truffle
Chocolate Cake, Fruity Gateaux, Christmas Cake
and many more...
What you learn… Vanilla Cupcakes with Butter
Cream Frosting, Rich Chocolate Cupcakes with
Chocolate Fudge Frosting and many more...
What you learn… Seasalt Caramelised Chocolate,
Truffle Chocolates, Marzapane, Bounty Coconut Bar,
Thin Mints, Nutella Crispies and many more...
What you learn… Crunchy Nutty Chocolate, Rocky Almonds, Florentines, Almond Brittle, Kesar-Pista Sandwich, Cappuccino Fudge and many more...
What you learn… Mango / Strawberry Cheesecake,
Tiramisu Cake, Dryfruit Mawa Cake, Coconut
Wrapped Chocolate Balls and many more...
What you learn… Honey Whole Wheat Loaf, Braided
Bread, Caterpillar Bread, Sri Lankan Seeni Sambol
Buns, Pizza Pinwheels and many more...
What you learn… Multi Grain Dates Walnut Cake
with Oats Crumble, Millet (Ragi) Apple & Pistachio
Cake, Cranberry & Orange Cake and many more...
What you learn… Sugarveil Edible Lace, Chocolate
Garnishes, Buttercream Ombre Design on Cake,
Chocolate Fans & Cigarellos and many more...
What you learn… Mirror Bouquet, Bucket Bouquet,
Baby Shower Bouquet, Engagement Bouquet and
many more...
What you learn... Flower Basket Weave, Fresh Cream
Flowers, Glaze Art & decoration, Easy Cream Piping
Techniques and more...
What you learn... Caramelized Walnut Tart, Perfect
Apple Cinnamon Tart, Fruit & Praline Cream Flan, Chocolate Crunch Tart, Fresh Strawberry and more...
What you learn... Macaron Shells, Fillings & variations
like Mocha, Orange, Hazelnut, Strawberry Jam, Kesar-pista, Lemon and more...
What you learn... Vanilla Butter Cookies, Chocolate Cookies, Making Eggless Royal Icing, Wet to Wet Techniques, Dry to Wet Techniques and more…
What you learn... Puff Pastry- Vol-au-vents,Croissants, Veg. Pattice, Cheese Straws, Dumplings, Danish Pastry- French Hearts, Diamonds, Bear Claws and more...

What you learn... Baby Figurine, Romantic Handmade Roses & Daisies with leaves, Animals, Vanity Products, Fashionable Hand Bag and more...
What you learn... Nine Grain Energy Booster Cookies, Coconut Lemongrass Cookies, Shrewsbury Biscuits, Oats & Raisins Cookies and more...

Hi, I'm Jyoti Choudhary a fond baker and I run Gourmet Studio.
I should've been a banker or media professional... having done my Master's in both Economics and Mass Communication. However, I spend my time doing what I love the most. Baking. I have always been very passionate about the culinary arts and over the years I've done many, many courses in India, United States, Canada and Switzerland to hone my skills.

One thing that I learnt was that nowhere do you really 'learn' that perfect method. By the time you reach home, you can seldom follow that method that you've just been taught to bake that perfect cake. I personally have gone through a lot of struggle to get things right and over the years I've developed a simple and effective way of teaching.
Upcoming Workshops
This is so that my students don't have to go through the kind of trouble that I've been through. I share all that I've learnt with my students and there are no hidden secrets and no grey areas. Anybody is welcome to call up any number of times in the future to solve any problems to do with your course

Gourmet Studio is all about Loving, Caring & Sharing. My love for the culinary arts, caring for my students and sharing all the knowledge and experience that I have gathered over the years.

Hoping to bake with you soon at my workshops.
Expert coaching and personal attention. Have been teaching
for over five years now.
For students, home makers, professionals, corporate working
mothers and even those who wish to start their own business.
Located in Colaba, South Mumbai.
Hands on workshops. You do everything yourself.
Only for women.
Comfortable AC hall, friendly and fun atmosphere.
Everything is taught from scratch.
All are 1 day courses only.
4-6 hours depending upon the course.
100% vegetarian preparations taught.
No Chemicals & Preservatives.
What you bake you take home.
Original recipes and printed notes provided.
Carry nothing. Everything will be provided in class.
Sharing experiences and learning from the Lindt Chef in Switzerland. May 2015.
Fresh From the Oven
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